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Be careful, first a mild stroke, then a stroke

Mild strokes have a short duration of attack and can disappear within a few minutes. But even though the symptoms have left, this disease still holds a deadly danger if ignored, including death. Mild stroke itself in medical language is called a momentary ischemic attack or transient ischemic attack (TIA). The cause of this disease is the same as stroke, which is obstruction of blood flow to the brain. So, it's natural if the symptoms that appear are also similar to a stroke. Mild Stroke Symptoms Symptoms of TIA or mild stroke itself are usually easily recognized through interference with the face, arms, and speech. The following characteristics: Mild strokes can cause facial muscle weakness, the signs are the face down to one side (the face looks asymmetrical), can not smile, can not frown, and eyes or mouth down. People with mild strokes may not be able to lift both arms and legs. This happens because their limbs are weak or numb on one side. Tingling in the parts of t
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How to get rid of wrinkles under the eyes

The correct way to get rid of wrinkles under the eyes must begin by knowing what causes the appearance of wrinkles. Keep in mind that the appearance of wrinkles is influenced by many factors. Some risk factors for the appearance of wrinkles can actually be controlled, such as smoking, repeated facial expressions, and excessive exposure to ultraviolet light. While risk factors that cannot be controlled are age or aging and genetic. Causes of Wrinkles Under the Eyes Smoking is predicted to make the aging process on the skin run faster than usual. This is likely because the toxic substances in cigarettes can damage the skin directly and reduce blood supply to the skin. The impact of air pollution is also seen to have a similar effect on the skin. In addition to smoking and pollution, excessive facial expression, such as frequent squinting, also risks causing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the skin. Ultraviolet rays that hit the skin can break down connective tissue on

This Healthy Drink Can Help Reduce Weight

Eating healthy drinks can help you who are running a diet program, because it can reduce calorie intake in the body and help improve the body's metabolism. Soft drinks in packs, fast food drinks in sachets, and energy drink products have become daily consumption that is liked by almost all levels of society. But these beverage groups are generally not suitable for consumption by those of you who are undergoing a diet program, because they contain high amounts of sugar. Therefore, read the nutrition labels on beverage packaging carefully to find out whether the ingredients are healthy or not. Water, A Healthy Drink For starters, water is considered the most ideal drink. One of the advantages is it does not contain calories, thereby reducing the risk of weight gain. Another advantage is that it does not affect tooth decay. Besides not containing calories that can cause obesity, water actually helps the digestive process and the body's metabolism, which will support the diet

This disease causes red spots on the skin and suppuration

Our skin can be infected by bacteria, viruses, and fungi to cause red spots and even festering. Red spots on the skin can be a sign of infectious diseases such as smallpox, scabies, impetigo, folliculitis, and infected dermatitis. The skin functions to protect the muscles, bones, and organs in our body. However, the skin can also become infected. Here are some diseases that can cause red spots on the skin and festering. Boils Boils are skin infections in hair follicles or oil glands caused by Staphylococcus bacteria. This disease is characterized by a change in skin color to red and soft lumps appear in the infected area. After 4-7 days, the lump begins to turn white, and pus forms under it. Boils are more common in people who do not maintain bodily hygiene, are malnourished, have weak immunity, or have diabetes. Impetigo Impetigo is a skin infection that is very contagious, more common in infants and children. This condition is caused by the bacterium Staphylococcus aureus. I

Sweetness of Nutrition in Benefits of Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potato or also known as sweet potatoes turns out to contain nutrients that can help fight various diseases. Research shows that eating sweet potatoes can reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes and obesity. So, what other benefits can you get from sweet potatoes? Check out the following explanation. Besides being beneficial to reduce the risk of dangerous diseases, sweet potatoes also have other uses. Especially relating to the increase in body energy and the immune system, as well as weight loss. Sweet potatoes can be processed by boiling, baking, or eating by mashing. These foods taste naturally sweet, so they can be eaten immediately without adding sugar. Nutrient Content in Sweet Potatoes Everyone should include sweet potatoes in the list of healthy foods that are consumed daily. Because, these foods contain lots of vitamin A, so it is enough to meet the body's daily needs. In addition, sweet potatoes also provide 37 percent of the body's need for vitamin C.

Fertility Therapy according to Medical Procedures

For couples who are eager to get a baby but never come, maybe fertility therapy is the right choice. Especially if a woman's age has exceeded 35 years. There are many fertility therapy techniques that can be done while undergoing a pregnancy program for couples who experience infertility problems. Determination of which technique is appropriate will be adjusted to the cause of infertility suffered by both partners or one partner. In addition, the determination of fertility therapy also depends on a person's medical history and age. Types of Fertility Therapy in Pregnancy Programs In general, fertility therapy is divided into three types. The first is fertility therapy using drugs. The second therapy is surgical procedures. The last way that can be done is by artificial insemination and IVF. Therapy through drugs The drug used to help the success of the pregnancy program through fertility therapy is clomifene. This drug serves to encourage the release of eggs occurs reg

Causes of watery eyes and how to overcome them

When blinking, the glands in the eyelid will produce a little tear to moisturize your sense of sight and get rid of foreign objects from it. The production of tears becomes more when you yawn, laugh out loud, or cry. But, there are some people who may experience watery eyes continuously. In addition to liquids that contain salt (tears), other glands in the eyelids also produce oil. This substance can prevent tears from evaporating too fast. Causes of Watery Eyes Watery eyes can occur when oil-producing glands do not work properly. This makes the tears evaporate quickly and makes them dry faster. Dry eyes are what stimulate excessive production of tears, causing watery eyes. Watery eyes can also occur due to a blockage in the tear ducts. Watery eyes can also be caused by: Weather or environmental factors around the eyes, such as smoke, wind, or excessive light. Eyestrain. There are foreign objects or irritating chemicals in the eye. Flu. Allergy. Eyelid inflammation. Infec